What is Placenta?

Why Placenta Cream?

Placenta cream may seem unusual at first, but it may be one of the best moisturizing creams out there today. Placenta cream is one of the "secrets" that most celebrities use to keep their skin looking soft, radiant and young. Placenta cream works because it supports the development and overall growth of healthy skin cells. Nowadays the product has been made affordable enough for commercial distribution and can be purchased by anyone.

How does Placenta work?

Placenta cream makes use of isolated stem cells that came from sheep placenta. They use sheep placenta because of the powerful immune systems of the animal. Many studies and scientific experiments that been conducted on the properties of placenta. These have shown positive results for placenta cells stating their ability to repair and heal the body. The ability of placenta cells to heal and repair the body is maximized as a topical cream for the skin to encourage skin cell renewal and development. Placenta cream as a topical use is one of the safest and effective ways to get the complete benefits of the sheep placenta cells.

All Cici Care products contain Placenta!

The placenta cream makes for a great moisturiser because of the fact that it helps your skin retain the moisture for much longer and protect you from the harsh environment. Most placenta creams will also have other skin boosting ingredients such as Vitamin E which helps the skin retain moisture for longer periods of time. This means you don't need to re-apply the product so often. It also does not have any oils which can leave a greasy feeling when applied. As a matter of fact you only need to use it around twice a day and can be easily integrated into your daily beauty regiment. Finally, all the ingredients are also natural which means little to no side effects and can be used by any skin type. Apart from being a great moisturiser you can also depend on the placenta cream to repair your skin and minimize the appearance of damaged and wrinkled skin. This is true for aging skin. As a person reaches their middle ages and up, the skin will begin to have trouble regenerating itself and producing new skin cells. Placenta is the perfect treatment for aging skin as it will help restore the skin's natural rejuvenating process and keep those wrinkles at bay.